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Steadicam Operator/Camera Operator


Whether it’s a live multi camera shoot or a single camera television show, film, or commercial, I have worked within all of these formats.   I own and operate a PRO Steadicam Package as well as a complete RED Helium W 8K Camera Package with Lenses. 

Xavier Henselmann
Cell Phone (310) 570-5108 Email:
Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator(SF,LA,NY) IATSE 600,52,728
1986-1992 B.F.A. Communications, Film, and Video C.C.N.Y.(Cinematography)
1998-2000 M.F.A. Communications, Film, and Video C.C.N.Y.(Cinematography)



1995-1997 TELEVISION, “New York Undercover” DP Glenn Kershaw
1997-1999 TELEVISION “OZ” DP Alex Zakrzewski
2004-2005 TELEVISION “The Jury” DP Michael Green 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting
1994"The Last Seduction" DP Jeff Jur
1994 "Little Odessa" DP Tom Richmond
1994 "Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses" DP Timo Salminen Chief Lighting Technician

1995 "Living in Oblivion" DP Frank Prinzi

1995 "Alchemy" DP Tami Reiker Chief Lighting Technician
1996 ”Extreme Measures” DP John Bailey
1997 ”Jungle to Jungle” DP Tony Pierce Roberts
1998 “Snake Eyes” DP Steve Burum
1999 “Cradle Will Rock” DP Jean Yves Escoffier
1999 “Big Daddy” DP Theo van de Sande
1999 “Flawless” DP Declan Quinn
2001 “The Education of Max Bickford”
2001 “Riding in Cars with Boys” DP Miroslav Andrecek 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting
2002 ”Bad Company” DP Darius Wolensky 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting 2002

2002”Sweet Home Alabama”DP Andrew Dunn 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting 2002

2003”Mr. Deeds” DP Peter Lyons Collister
2003 “Anger Management” DP Donald McAlpine
2004 ”Stateside” DP Adam Holender 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting
2004 "When Will I Be Loved" DP Larry McConkey 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting
2004 “Melinda and Melinda” DP Vilmos Zsigmond 2nd Unit Gaffer/Assistant Chief Lighting


Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator
1992 "What is Love" Director Mike Dominico 16mm Cinematographer
1993 "Differences" Director Austin Phillips 16mm Cinematographer
1994 "One Way Out" Director Kevin Lynn DP Dick Fisher 35mm Feature (Camera Operator/Gaffer)
1995 "Impulsive" Director Kimberly O'Hara 16mm Cinematographer
1996 "Staccato" Director TeoCarlo Pulgar Super 16mmCinematographer
2000 "Amy in the Cafe" Dir. Maxine Lu 16mm Cinematographer
2001 "Del Fuego" Dir. John Dean Alphone 16mm Cinematographer
2001 "Diner" Dir. Claus Withopf 16mm Cinematographer
2004 "Oracles" Dir. Edwin Figueroa HD TV Pilot Cinematographer
2006 "Live" Steve Kazmierski(DP) HD Feature (Camera Operator/Gaffer)
2007 "Dark Side of Love" Dir. Jorge Ameer 35mm Feature Cinematographer
2007 "William Blix" Dir. Dante Oliviero HD Feature Cinematographer
2008 "Nanking" Steve Kazmierski(DP) Feature Camera Operator
2009 "Wildlife" Jim Denault(DP) TV Series Camera Operator
2010 "Amnesia" Oscar Dominguez (LD) TV Series Camera Operator
2010-2012 Coachella & StageCoach Music Festival Camera Operator Live Taping

2010-2012 "So you Think You Can Dance" TV Series Camera Operator
2011 "Substance" HD Feature Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator
2012 "OF Gods and Kings" HD Feature Camera Operator
2012 "Marcia, Marcia" HD Feature Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator
2012 "Life of Magdalene" HD Feature Camera Operator/Steadicam Operator

2012 “The Howling Reborn” dir. Joe Nimziki
2014 Jeta Amata Concepts Inc./Feature Film “The Curse (Road To Redemption) Camera/Steadicam
2018 CMA Country Christmas Steadicam dir Paul Miller
2017 Christmas Story WB Promos Steadicam
2016 Luke Bryan AXS TV Steadicam
2016 Chainsmokers AXS TV Steadicam
2017 Lethal Weapon WB TV Camera Op DP David Stockton
2017 Dude Perfect Steadicam
2018 BlizzCon Steadicam Dir Rick Porter
2018 Pax East Steadicam
2018 Esports Showdown LV Steadicam
2010-2019 Coachella Camera/Steadicam Dir Steve Moss
2010-2019 StageCoach Camera Dir Steve Moss
2018 FlogGnaw Music Festival Camera Dir Michael Gaertner
2018 Crazy ExGirlfriend CBS Camera/Steadicam DP Ian Dodd
2018-2019 Microsoft KeyNote LV Steadicam Dir Rick Porter
2018 EA Sports NFL Finals Steadicam
2018-2019 Jujitsu World Finals Steadicam

2018-2019 DAZN Golden Boy Boxing Camera Operator
2018 Red Bull Red Redemption Concert Steadicam Jordan Velarde
2018 Soboba Casino/Cleveland Golf Steadicam DP Rich Schaffer
2018 Hurricane Harvey Relief Concert Louis J Horvitz Steadicam
2019 Chasing the Cure Dir Louis J Horvitz Steadicam
2016-2019 Electric Daisy Carnival TV Special dir Steve Moss Steadicam

2018-2019 Life is Beautiful Music TV Special LiveXLive dir Steve Moss Steadicam

2019 La Vida DP Tarin Anderson B Camera/Steadicam
2019 The Tax Collector DP Sal Totino B Camera/Steadicam
2019 Whose House is This DP David Thies A Camera/Steadicam
2019 I’m Ready Early Math Project DP Karsten Gopinath B Camera/Steadicam

2020 12 Dates of Christmas A Cam Op/Steadicam Dir Tom Djokaj

2020 School of Chocolate D Cam Op Dir Tom Djokaj

2021 Home Sweet Home Array Prod Director/DP Arlene Nelson
2021 La Fire and Rescue 44 Blue Prod Director/DP Arlene Nelson

2021 Life is Beautiful Fortress Productions Director Christian Lamb Camera Operator

2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Restless Media Director Steve Moss Camera Operator

2021 Head in the Clouds Springboard Production Director Michael Gartner/Kerry Asmusson Camera Operator 2021 Buy Black Friday Westbrook Media Director Sterling Milan Steadicam Operator

2021 COC/CRL World Finals ESports Engine Director Rhea Chiu Steadicam Operator

2022 Recipe for Change DP Yamit Shimonvitz Steadicam/Camera Op

2022 Wedding Season DP John Tanzer A Cam/Steadicam

2022 Golden Boy Boxing Cam Op

2022 NBA Basketball CBS Cam Op

2022 Coachella/Stage Coach Spring Board Media Cam Op

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